Fermilab Leadership

Fermi Research Alliance, LLC

  • Robert J. Zimmer, President, the University of Chicago; Chairman, Fermi Research Alliance, LLC
  • Lou Anna K. Simon, President, Michigan State University, Executive Chairman, Universities Research Administration Board of Trustees; Vice Chair, Fermi Research Alliance, LLC


  • Nigel Lockyer, Laboratory Director
  • Joe Lykken, Deputy Director/ Chief
  • Timothy Meyer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Christopher Mossey, Deputy Director for LBNF

Other Key Personnel

  • Mike Lindgren, CHief Project Officer
  • Rob Roser, Chief Information Officer
  • Sergei Nagaitsev, Chief Accelerator Officer
  • Cynthia Conger, Chief Financial Officer
  • Martha Michels, Head, Environment, Safety, Health & Quality Section
  • Kay Van Vreede, Head of Workforce Development & Resources Section
  • Randy Ortgiesen, Head of Office of Campus Strategy & Readiness
  • Katie Yurkewicz, Head, Office of Communication
  • Erik Gottschalk, Head, Office of Integrated Planning & Performance Management
  • John Myer, General Counsel
  • Cherri Schmidt, Head, Office of Partnerships & Technology Transfer
  • Robert Kephart, Director, Illinois Accelerator Research Center
  • Sergey Belomestnykh, Chief Technology Officer

Fermilab Directorate